5 Reasons to Photograph Children Outside in Winter
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Thursday, January 09, 2014
By Cindy
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As cold as it has been this year, you might think that it is impossible to photograph children outdoors in the Winter.  But it is actually one of my favorite times of year to photograph outside!  The Winter landscape offers a special beauty that can lead to stunning artwork of children.  So, before you put off planning your child's portrait session until the warm, green days of Summer... check out my 5 Reasons to Photograph your Child in the Winter.

1.  The number one reason I love photographing in the Winter is the light!  The sun stays low in the sky all day and the light coming at a lower angle can be very flattering.  Shadows are longer and the color is actually warmer.

2.  Scheduling your session is easier!  Because less families think of having their child's portrait taken in the Winter months, scheduling the perfect date for your child is easier.  As an extra bonus, you will be ready with the perfect gift for grandma on Mother's Day!

3.  Parks and nature areas are less crowded!  Popular outdoor areas are often impossible to use for portrait sessions in the Summer because they are teeming with people.  Less crowds mean we don't have to wait for cyclists and hikers to go by before taking that perfect photo of your little one.

4.  The stark landscape of Winter adds interest!  The beautiful greys and browns of trees without leaves is a great backdrop for your child's special look.  The outdoors looks so different in the Winter with branches adding leading lines and interesting shapes.

5.  Winter clothes are so adorable!  Is there anything cuter than a child with boots, sweaters, scarves and colorful tights?

I have included some inspiration for you from a session with my granddaugther in January of 2013.  Her fashionable clothing and accessories are from Clothes Pony and Dandelion Toys of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Child Portrait Sessions are 50% off through March 2014 so you can also save a little scheduling your child's portrait this Winter!

Cindy Short is an on-location photographer who uses natural light to create beautiful art of the people you love.  Her background in journalism, naturally stirs her to want to tell your story.  Cindy will help style your session to show off your true beauty and offers design services for creating wall art, framing and collages that compliment your home as well as beautiful keepsake albums . Cindy's family includes her husband, Bryan, three children and the most beautiful granddaughter in the world.  Her family also includes three dogs and a kitty cat.
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