Storybook Sessions: Little Red Riding Hood
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Tuesday, April 08, 2014
By Cindy
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On one very cold Winter day - 20 degrees to be exact - I went for a walk in the woods.  There, timidly walking through the forest, was Little Red Riding Hood!  She didn't seem to mind the cold at all.  In fact, the chill made her cheeks just the right kind of rosy.  She seemed to be on alert, ever watchful of what might be lurking in the forest.  However, she didn't appear to be aware of my presence in the woods.  She effortlessly carried a basket that looked like it contained the yummiest of picnics.  But it was not a picnic sort of day. I was curious just where she might be going with a basketful of treats.  Perhaps it was to visit that famous grandmother of hers...


Actually, Little Red Riding Hood was a little girl named Caroline.  And she rather gleefully played the role of Red Riding Hood while I played with my camera.  Acting out a part is not new to this pretty little 9-year-old.  She recently performed the part of a mouse in The Nutcracker and is looking forward to a Musical Drama class next year with her homeschool group.  So, you see why she was perfectly at home acting out a storybook character in the frozen woods.  As the snow continued to fall, Caroline transformed into a princess, crown and all.  Eventually she became a fairy, flitting in and out of her fairy house as she kept watch for anything that might threaten her magical fairy world.


Stepping into the world through a child's eyes is good for the soul.  That sense of wonder, the ability to feel pure joy is contagious when you share the woods with a child.  When we were done, Caroline looked at me and exclaimed, "This was so fun, I hope I get to do it again!"  Caroline, I felt exactly the same way!

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Cindy Short is an on-location photographer who creates beautiful art of the people you love.  Her background in journalism, naturally stirs her to want to tell your story.  Cindy will help style your session to show off you at your best and offers design services for creating wall art, framing and collages that compliment your home as well as beautiful keepsake albums . Cindy's family includes her husband, Bryan, three children and the most beautiful granddaughter in the world.  Her family also includes two dogs and a kitty cat.

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Caroline Otto - Hello. These photos are amazing! I am a close friend of the Martin family and would love to order prints of the first and last photo of Caroline in 4x6. How can I pay for them?

Caroline Otto in Utah :)