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Thursday, August 16, 2012
By Cindy
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Around our house, Cadence does not lack for toys.  But her favorite toy of all is a cardboard box.  These magnificent boxes arrive to our door several times a week - usually filled with photo prints!  Cadence will sit in the box, push the box across the floor, ride in the box while someone else pushes, carry the box, kick the box and fill the box with treasures. Her favorite box is the perfect size.  Once it was emptied of the air conditioner filters it was originally designed to hold, it became a house.  This box even acquired windows.  Eventually, it gained a sun roof.  Yesterday, I took a break, grabbed my camera and took a few pictures of Cadence and her box.  

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Baby Photography London - Wonderful pictures! I love the black and white photography.
Congratulations on the great work!
Kim Avery - Love it! Isn't it funny how we can spend tons of money on 'educational' toys but it's the free things in life that give the most pleasure.

By the way - LOVE the term 'lifestyle photography.' I wish I had done more of that when my kids were this age.
@MagneticSilvia - This made me laugh. Perfect timing. My girls just built and painted their cars out of the boxes here at my house... ;-) Boxes sure are fun!
Kiyla Fenell - It always amazes me how the simplest things bring children the greatest joy!

Kiyla Fenell
Cheryl Cope - I love the box!!! I remember my children having more fun with the box the toys came in than the toys! (not all the time, but some of the time) Cadence is a cutie!