Trend Report: Fall & Winter Hair Styles
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Sunday, October 12, 2014
By Cindy Short Photography
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On a recent rainy evening, Ali Sherman and I met after work to talk about the trends in hair styling for Fall and Winter.  I was curious because Ali - who you probably know as the amazing woman who creates dazzling hair styles on the fly during the fashion photo shoot for Twelfth Year Magazine - has recently taken classes focused on the latest trends in hair styling and how to create fashion looks for the runway.  I was so excited by what I heard that I wanted to share it with all of you!


Ali works at Trios Aveda Salon & Spa in Fort Collins and is currently taking continuing education classes at the Aveda Institute in Denver.  Traveling to Denver to attend these classes is worth it to Ali who explains it is like getting her master's degree.  "I have learned my trade and now I am perfecting it," she says. 


So what did Ali have to say about the trends for Fall and Winter season?  She immediately answered that the short "Pixie" cut is still popular but has a more androgynous look this year.  The cut has more weight to resemble a man's cut for a woman.  If this newer version of the Pixie cut is not your style, you can follow the trends of celebrities that are growing out their Pixie cuts.  "We saw a lot of celebrities getting Pixie cuts - Jennifer Lawerence was one - and now we are seeing the same celebrities growing out this cut.  Now they have a shaggy, longer version of the Pixie cut," Ali remarks.  "It is that 'I got all dolled up for the party and this is the day after look'.


Ali confirmed that this messy look takes a lot more work than you think.  But the good news is that most new styles are easily achieved by yourself!  Ali is quick to add, "It doesn't have to be perfect.  The trend is about finding the beauty in imperfections."


Aveda has established themselves as an industry leader in the world of fashion.  Just like New York Fashion Week reveals the trends twice a year, so does Aveda.  If you like photography, fashion, hair and make up, you will adore Aveda's newest look book.  Check it out here.


The Aveda Fall and Winter look book's theme is Romantic Grandeur and is inspired by the role Louise Brooks played in the 1929 German silent movie Pandora's Box.  Ali explained that many of these styles are like high fashion and may not appeal to many of us but are key within the fashion industry for complimenting the current trends.  Often, the hair style seen on the runway contrasts with the designer's look.  For example, a designer showing very structured clothes may want flowy hair on her models.


For a runway look, the hair style has to have a lot of stability to handle all the jostling that occurs with walking and changing clothes.  You have to account for possible malfunctions, Ali explains.  So, even the really flowy styles have structure underneath.  For example, using cornrows or braids that anchor the hair.  Then, the long hair lays over the braids and it appears as if the model just has long flowy locks.  But the foundation underneath holds it all together.  Oh, and lots and lots of hair spray!", Ali adds.


You can see what Ali is describing in her iPhone photos below:


So, what should we do if we want a change in our hair style right now?  Ali suggests adding 4 to 6 foils of copper, auburn or reddish brown color to add a touch of Fall to your hair.  "If you want to get sassy, add a block of red violet!" she says.


And if you are already planning for Prom, Ali has a few suggestions for Prom perfect hair!  If you plan to wear your hair in long, soft curls - get a few highlights to accentuate the curls.  If you want to add some fun color, the color for Spring is pink!  Pink tips will add some fun and fade out after several shampoos.  Or, if you are going for a funky updo - add a streak of color at the nap of your neck.  Then, when you wear your hair down, you will barely notice the color.  But it adds so much to that updo!

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Cindy Short is a Colorado photographer who creates fashion-inpired High School Senior Portraits..  Her background in journalism, naturally stirs her to want to tell your story.  Cindy will help style your session to create something special for you and offers design services for creating wall art, framing and collages that compliment your home as well as beautiful keepsake albums. Cindy's family includes her husband, Bryan, three children and the most beautiful granddaughter in the world.  Her family also includes three dogs and a kitty cat.

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